Dear users,

On 18 March 2020 PublBox operation was suspended for the software maintenance.

Estimated period is 12 weeks.

What does it mean to you:

  • We suspended registration for new users.
  • on 31 March 2020 we closed off login to the platform for our registered users.
  • Publishing to all social networks and messengers, as well as other features will not work until the improvements are finished.
  • We turned off repeats for our paid subscriptions.

After resuming PublBox operation:

  • Free Plan users will go on using features withing their free subscription.
  • Monthly paid plans users will be granted with their extended subscription period plus another 1 month.
  • Annual paid plans users will be granted with their extended annual subscription plus another 6 months.
  • AppSumo users will go on enjoying their lifetime full-featured subscriptions.

For any support and personal data processing / deleting issues, please contact our Support Team.

We are very sorry for these inconveniences.