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10 Achievements in 2019 that Make Us Feeling Proud

By January 10, 2020 No Comments

2020 is here with its new challenges and grand wins. But before telling you about our ambitious plans for the year, and even for a whole decade ahead, we want to take a look back and share the 2019 results with you. Believe us, they are worth it;)

So here are our TOP-10 “DONE’s” in 2019:

    1. Over the year, the audience of our service has grown significantly: on average 40 new users joined us daily. We’re very happy to welcome every new user on board! 🙂
    1. In May we launched our first campaign on AppSumo. As a result we’ve got 2500+ new users, but also received positive feedback from the global pro community. Our campaign got 4.2 of 5 tacos (“tacos” are the rating points at Appsumo) which is quite high. Numerous requests and comments inspired us to publish PublBox product development public ROADMAP. Now you can read about our updates in advance.

PublBox Roadmap

    1. Unsplash and Pixabay photo banks, as well as Giphy animation library, were integrated into PublBox. Now more than 3,500,000 free images, videos and animations are available to our users.
    1. A super useful feature Social Media Inbox was added to the main tools in personal account. It allows users to reply to messages and comments on Facebook and Instagram directly from your PublBox account. Get rid of the need to switch between different pages and log in numerous accounts to answer the question or to thank your user for the comment.
    1. We connected 3 more social media to PublBox! Now you can connect, create posts and publish them to LinkedIn, Tumblr and even Google My Business.
    1. We launched Analytics Manager for the web version of PublBox. It helps analyze the effectiveness of social media promotion. You’ll see not only your post likes or shares but will get a deeper insight about user’s behavior on your public pages.
    1. We optimized RSS auto-posting. It takes only 5 minutes to connect RSS feeds to PublBox, but you can save up to 10 hours a month enriching your content plan by publishing content from your site to all accounts on social networks automatically.

PublBox RSS

    1. We deployed “Boost post” feature and now users can promote their posts on Facebook right from their PublBox accounts. Now you can save your valuable time, increase the reach of your posts and grow brand awareness in a couple of clicks.
    1. PublBox started an active expansion to foreign markets. In September we opened an office in Warsaw to strengthen our positions in Poland and in the EU countries. And in December our new regional manager started working in Mexico City. She will be responsible for PublBox business development in Mexico and Latin America region. Stay tuned, soon PublBox will be known even in Antarctica 🙂
    1. Our team represented PublBox at the main events of the high-tech world: Web Summit in Lisbon and Slush in Helsinki last November. Over the week we collected useful insights and discussed ideas for improving our service with SMB representatives and new partners from around the world.

Moreover, we significantly improved the functionality and seamless work of our mobile applications and implemented 50+ new enhancements so that your social media marketing strategy worked even better.


Thanks for inspiring us for all changes. Stay tuned, in 2020, our journey will be even more amazing!