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PublBox is #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

By July 25, 2019 January 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Social Media Management tools market is actively growing and presents us with incredible new products for leading successful marketing campaigns in social networks. However, the hidden hazard is we need to devise fresh ideas and engaging content every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to create absolutely unique texts and attractive visuals using a great varieties of special design tools and content programs. This is the innovative PublBox service comes to the rescue. It’s a real lifesaver for SMBs, bloggers, and regular users looking for an easy, one place social media management tool with an array of useful features to organize, automate and design content across all major social networks.

PublBox has not only conquered the hearts of devoted users, but also has taken first position on the independent contest platform, Product Hunt, that presents the best new products, including mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations daily. Almost a thousand of Product Hunt’s members justly cast their voices for Publbox in one day. What a great start for a first-class product!

Creators often say managing social networks or creating content is not an easy task. It’s time consuming, requires a lot of human resources as social media marketing experts, designers, PR specialists, and typically costs a bundle of cash. What if you don’t have these resources at your disposal? That’s the key reason Publbox is rated #1.

The company has achieved this high result due to its creativity and the sensibility of its designers when planning the functionality of the service. This is emphasized by one of PublBox novice users who said, “People often set up social media accounts ‘because everybody has them’ and… don’t know how to use them so that they sell. PublBox solves this problem.”

PublBox’s CEO, Alexandr Stefanovic confirms the service has exclusive features none of their competitors have as users can greatly facilitate their marketing processes, boost productivity and results by using:

  • Engaging Posts — professional, ready-to-send posts specifically designed to create community engagement (including text and graphics);
  • Design Editor — content library of thousands of ready-made covers, avatars and images you can edit with ease;
  • Content Strategist — creative plan to use your own strategic content or let the service to help you with one best fitting your needs;
  • Post Advisor — perfect ideas generator tailored to your social media needs;
  • Facebook Tabs — six designed Facebook tabs to create contests, giveaways and many more.

The truth is PublBox is gaining momentum, constantly improving its functionality and implementing new amazing ideas & features like AI search bot, Smart Calendar, Prices calculator and many more. So being highly appreciated by the Product Hunt community, means PublBox builders are striving to realize their crazy creative potential faster, to be first not only for a day, but become the product of the week, month, maybe even a year. Guys, at PublBox just don’t stop like that and will keep up the good work coming!

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