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The Best and Worst Posting Times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

By November 30, 2019 January 2nd, 2020 2 Comments

How to determine the ideal time for posting on popular social media to collect the maximum number of likes, get the greatest coverage and capture your audience
The experts have lengthily and energetically studied the issue of when, and what, is better to post so that your publication will be seen by as many people as possible. Today, we have hundreds of studies carried out, billions of posts analyzed, and thousands of suggestions written.
Although there are general rules and suggestions that truly work (later on, we will definitely feature them), two things need to be clearly understood.
The first thing is, if your content is uninteresting, it will not work whenever it is posted. And vice versa: a superpost with unique viral content will be reposted for several days and sometimes weeks, even if it is published at 4am.
The second thing to remember is that efficient activities on social media require being mindful of many factors, like the target audience, the posting nature and format, the profile insights, and many other aspects.

The best posting time on Facebook

Most studies agree that the maximum posting coverage on Facebook will be on Wednesday at 3 pm. It is not too bad posting between 12 and 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and between 1 and 4pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Entertaining content is perfect on Fridays after lunchtime. It is definitely not worth posting on weekends from 10pm to 9am. 

The best posting time on Twitter

If you need to “catch” the audience with short messages, do it during any working hours. However, keep in mind that most often people check “what the little bird said” before, after and during lunchtime, i.e. from 1pm to 3pm. Moreover, they almost never check it on any day after 8pm, and after lunch on Friday. During the weekend, the activity of users on Twitter slumps, so do not schedule anything serious at that time, unless it is just a last-minute tour to the Seychelles.

We underestimate Instagram’s potential, although according to Forrester Research, the brand engagement rate on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook. Initially, Instagram’s developers expected that the application would be for mobile devices. However, despite the fact that people actually enjoy the Internet anytime and everywhere, they become really engaged outside of working hours.
The best posting time on Instagram
The best posting times on Instagram are Monday and Thursday at any time, except between 3pm to 4pm. As for video, according to research by the marketing company TrackMaven, it is most popular at night on any day of the week from 9pm to 8am.

A few tips in conclusion:

  • Work on the quality of the content.
  • Try editing posts on your profile in the same style.
  • Monitor the regularity of content releases.
  • Experiment with posting different content during different hours, analyze the results and develop your recipe for success.


  • Jonathan Prytz says:

    What timezone is these numbers based on?

    • PublBox says:

      Jonathan, do not bother with the time binding, to the time zone, in this situation. Taking advantage of insights and analytics provided by social networks, it is worthwhile to find out when your target audience is most active on the network and based on this plan the publication time)

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