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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan in 5 Steps

By October 20, 2017 January 9th, 2020 No Comments

Social media marketing campaigns are growing extremely popular, and they are acquiring a central role in the way many products or services are marketed to the public. Millions of people use social media websites on a daily basis, sharing content with their friends and families, as well as networking with people in their communities. It was only natural for marketing to catch up and take advantage of this stunning promotional opportunity. Discover how to create a social media marketing content plan in 5 simple steps!

Step 1. Decide Why You’ll Use Social Media for Business, and Identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

When relying on social media for your marketing campaign, it is necessary to understand “who” you are targeting and “why”. This will allow you to target the right demographic with the right content, while identifying your KPIs.

Step 2. Choose the Right Social Network to Engage Your Audience

Not all social networks are created equal, and it is quite important to understand where your audience lives. Different demographics would often prefer different platforms, but it isn’t just about reaching out to the audience. It’s also about finding the social network that would help you present your work in the best possible way. For example, social platforms like Instagram are a great fit for a campaign if your product is visually stunning and appealing.

Step 3. Research Content Topics

The best thing to do before running your marketing campaign is to create some compelling content that will engage your audience and help your brand connect with like-minded people. You can get to know your audience better through questionnaires or other forms of engagement, and you can also take cues from your competitors to see what kind of content they share!

Step 4. Plan Your Content Calendar using PublBox Content Strategy

Using PublBox Content Strategy is a perfect solution to saving time and increasing the efficiency of your content. Through this content calendar tool, you can easily schedule your posts and meet your goals with different types of content. You can determine how often you post and when to post, so you can always reach the right people at the right time. PublBox Content Strategy is a comprehensive content management solution that will help you spread your content through quickly and in a more organized way, offering a wide range of flexible and practical features.

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Step 5. Measure Progress and Adjust Course

The great thing about the digital age is that you can always adjust the style of a campaign. If you see that something isn’t really working, you are never too late to make a change and start focusing on the aspects of your campaigns that seem to be more appealing to your audience. It’s definitely common for marketers to adjust the direction of their campaign, refining their strategies on the go, depending on the response of the public. At the end of the day, it is all about engaging your audience.

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