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Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

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In 2018, competition is fierce. You can be sure that small businesses are jumping on board to develop their Twitter business accounts. Your competitors are probably killing it as you’re reading this, but nothing equips you better for a new year than a clean start and a more creative strategy for Twitter for business.
In truth, using Twitter for business isn’t all that different from a personal account. In fact, for creativity’s sake, adopt some same strategies to your business account. You’re probably was more relaxed when you post on your personal social media accounts, and having a Twitter for business is about being relatable, likable and including that human element many Twitter business accounts lack.
To get you started, we gathered some of the best tips that will help you with your future plans in setting up a Twitter account for your brand or company. Let’s get started with the obvious, and work our way down to more creative ideas.

Optimize your page so you’re easy to find

This might not be the most ‘creative’ idea out there, but you can trust us when we say it’s important. Some businesses are so focused on their content, they don’t fine-tune their page, making it more difficult to be found on the crowded platform.
Here are some things you need to take care of first:

  1. Twitter bio – Be concise and eloquent, and use only the most relevant keywords that will make you easily discoverable
  2. Username – Do make sure it is related to your company or brand name so people don’t have to wonder where you are on Twitter when they hit search
  3. Hashtags – Include target hashtags in your bio, something that helps define the nature of your business or what you stand for
  4. Contact information – In order for people to be able to reach you, you have to include an email you regularly use
  5. Profile picture – This is the image users will see next to everything you post. Make the connection clear between your profile picture and your brand or business. Keep in mind that they can be updated anytime, so seasonal profile and cover photos are a good idea.
  6. Cover image – We’ll get to the details in a bit, but your cover picture should be inviting and again, relevant to your business
  7. Website URL – Be sure the link you include leads to your main website or blog
  8. Location – Many people skip this bit and miss out on another opportunity to be discovered. Add the location of your business to complete your account info.

Connect to Twitter via PublBox

Give your page a visual makeover

As for the good stuff, you don’t even need a designer to surprise your future followers. You can use Crello to create your own Twitter cover photos or customize the existing free Twitter cover photos. It really is as easy as clicking a few buttons and moving things around.
A Twitter account makeover can let your followers know you care and that you put time and thought into the visual appearance of your page. This becomes very important as it can be the decisive factor for some people as to whether to follow you or not. First impressions count!

Track your competitors

No, this isn’t like stealing ideas, this is more like research (especially if you’re new to Twitter). If you have a personal account, you know how things work but once you are running a business account, things have to flow a little differently. To understand just how differently, track your competitors.
What exactly are you looking for? Mainly gathering ideas for what works and what doesn’t. You want to learn from others and build on their success, putting your own spin and creativity into practice. It’s another way of saying – look for things that you can do better. That’s how you’ll find your niche and acquire your target audience.

Staying active and engaged

The next step is to just start Tweeting! It’s tempting to post a lot of content when you first get your account but don’t fall into this trap. Pace yourself. Like your other work accounts, Twitter needs a strategy and a schedule.
You also have to keep in mind that engagement is important to building a community. Answer tweets, have conversations going and focus on creating a community around your brand. Your goal is to create a page that is going to resonate it your followers and want them to keep an eye out on your activities.

Experiment with formats

You must be feeling overwhelmed now because you thought your clever and witty writing will propel you into fame. Don’t worry, Crello also has free Twitter post templates that you can use. Videos, gifs, and other visuals work well with Twitter, just be sure it’s relevant and valuable to your audience.

Monitor popular hashtags and create your own

Here’s your chance to really shine! Hashtags bring exposure to your individual tweets. A post without hashtags makes it visible only for your followers, and you’d like to branch out, don’t you? People searching for specific hashtags will be able to discover you.
That puts a little bit of pressure on you to perform well. All you have to do is keep your eye out for popular hashtags. Monitoring them can be a great way to cover trendy topics, all the while putting your thoughts out in the open. Once you get some more traffic, create your own hashtags! This can be related to your marketing strategies and promotions.
Another great resource is Hashtagify, which can help you find other popular hashtags from online activity.

Network with influencers

Influencers on Twitter are people that have accounts that carry a lot of weight in a specific industry. They have a large following and can help you spread the word. As much as 40% of Twitter users have said they’ve made purchases based on Tweets from influencers.
Finding influencers is quite easy. You can use tools like Klear which shows you different categories or do a basic Google search including your niche. You can then filter based on location, a specific category or industry to find your influencers. It’s a good idea to network with people that can help you move your business along and weigh in on opinions.

You can think of creativity and Twitter in terms of visuals. How you send out your Tweets will determine how successful you are at acquiring new followers. Use the tools in this article to build up an impressive account. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use new formats and send those tweets out with a lot of thought!
Source: https://blog.crello.com/creative-ways-to-use-twitter-for-business/ 

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