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Direct publishing to Instagram with PublBox

By October 11, 2019 November 21st, 2019 No Comments

PublBox has made Direct posting to Instagram available to each user of our iOS and Android mobile apps. PublBox, the #1 Social Media Management Suite simplifies every aspect of managing social media – planning, publishing, analyzing results and team collaboration. Everyday we work hard to make your work with the fast-growing and most popular social network easier, more convenient and more efficient.

Direct publishing to Instagram Stories and Feed with PublBox is now real without push notifications. Let’s take a closer look at how you can implement your most creative ideas on your own. PublBox’s extensive set of tools allows you to do it without any designer’s help. You don’t have to waste time anymore battling with intricate graphics software. Now, we help you save time, money and frustration! How does it work?

How to set up direct publishing to Instagram with PublBox?

Posting on Instagram with PublBox starts with linking your personal or linking Instagram business account to the profile in our application. We suggest connecting business accounts. Here’s how and why.

How to connect your Instagram business account: a step-by-step guide

Enable direct publishing for an already connected Instagram profile. Connecting an Instagram business account to your PublBox profile is a great opportunity to start your business on the fastest growing social network, accessible even to newbie bloggers or business owners. So, let’s stop wasting time and go create a business account. You will thank us one day. Trust us. Though we know you’ll remember us for this little tidbit when you’re rich and famous… the most welcomed thanks is to join our Affiliate Program which is actually fantastic for you too!

To link your Instagram business account to your  PublBox profile, you should log in to the PublBox app on iOS  or Android from your mobile device and complete these few steps:

How to connect your Instagram business account

  1. Tap the “Add Social Network” button;
  2. Choose Instagram from the dropdown list;
  3. Tap “Connect Business Account;
  4. Enter your login and password for Facebook account and click on “Log in;
  5. Choose your business account from the list, if you have several, and click on “Connect.
Important! If after entering your Facebook login and password in PublBox, your Instagram business accounts are not displayed, please make sure they are linked to each other.

With just a few clicks, PublBox helps you to turn your Instagram into account into a social media engagement generator and professional tool to attract traffic and increase sales.

Right now, you have a perfect chance to take advantage of our convenient social media promotion tools that will arrange not only your social media management on Instagram, but also sort out the mess on all popular social networks.

Delegate your small business’ social media management to PublBox

Now, PublBox provides your smartphone with everything to win on Instagram and all major social networks, whenever and wherever you are:

  • Manage all your social media in one place. PublBox supports the top social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.
  • Create your Social media strategy for Instagram in just 5 minutes with a detailed publishing plan to achieve your business goal. The content strategy for Instagram is like your treasure map in the social media world.
  • Create eye-catching visual content with the PublBox social media graphics toolset and  makes work a pleasure.
  • Everyone dreams of free photos for their social accounts: lots of them and ready to post, And videos too, right? We get prepared! Upload beautiful high-resolution stock images without switching through a bunch of apps. Over 2 million high-quality free pictures by Pixabay and Unsplash, plus millions of animated GIFs from GIPHY’s online database, as well as thousands of videos, will make your visual content ideal – just unleash your creative power with the PublBox Social Media Graphics Designer tools.
  • Track any interactions with the audience with your Instagram business account in our Social Media Analytics desktop feature to make a plan and monitor your social media strategy 365 days in advance.
  • Diversify your content strategy following your followers’ tastes and preferences with PublBox Social Media Content Integrator. You can set up auto-posting in 2 minutes to save up to 600 hours annually. The fresh content from the best RSS feeds will reliably support you when you run out of ideas or inspiration or time is an issue.

People are used to promoting their brand, blog or business on Instagram in the hope of attracting a million followers and/or making millions $$$.

So, we have a tempting offer for all would-be future millionaires: Our affordable subscriptions to fit any budget. 

You can call it your golden ticket because there is no easier or elegant way to get a  full suite of functional social media tools to promote your page, channel or blog on any of the Top-9 social networks!

Just try PublBox – 14 days for free

How to enable direct publishing to Instagram with PublBox

Direct publishing to Instagram with PublBox is made possible using the “Share” feature.

To send your post directly to your Instagram Feed or Stories, you should do as follows:

How to directly post on Instagram

  1. Tap “Use Post” button;
  2. Opt for “Share” from the dropdown list;
  3. Choose the Instagram app you would like to publish your content – “Stories” or “Feed;
  4. Pick visual effects for your graphics content;
  5. Click “Next;
  6. Add text, hashtags, tag people and social networks to cross-post on;
  7. Tap “Share.

Your post or story will be immediately published on Instagram, without any push notification.

The Share function in PublBox apps is not only an option for direct publishing to Instagram, but also an easy way to send your graphics and text content to your contacts via:

  • a personal message;
  • email;
  • Bluetooth.

When choosing the “Share” function, our application will automatically pull out the apps installed on your smartphones, like social networks, instant messengers and other communications platforms.

Make your social media management easier and more convenient with PublBox – a powerful Instagram tool to boost your Social Media presence!

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