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Everything You Need to Know about Content and Automation from Federico Isuani

By July 25, 2019 January 2nd, 2020 No Comments

The vision of a professional with more than 22 years of experience in strategic marketing. Our expert is happy to share experience and recommendations on how to keep up to date in the marketing world using PublBox to automate your social media.

1. What did you like about our service?

We liked the amount of content that is available for users, sometimes it’s hard to be aware of important topics and specific days, so having an online stock of relevant content that is super easy to edit (because the image editor is great, friendly and super easy to use) it’s a great feature and an amazing plus for busy people. The possibility to quickly schedule, post or program any content in all social media platforms is great too, and really complements the content library.

2. What advantages did you see for yourself in it?

A single place for all our social media accounts, and as we said before the amount of content, that really saves a lot of time and effort, making it really easy to post content through our social media channels.

3. How did you come to the fact that you need to use PublBox?

We are always using and testing a lot of social media tools when we found PublBox we realized we can take advantage of their tools to optimize our time and focus our effort on other areas of digital marketing.

4. Why are social media marketing tools relevant to our time?

Social Media is the new way people connect not only with the loved ones but with other people that might have the same interests and vision about the things they care about. Social Media has become a bastion of freedom, and this freedom is making brands and companies realize that the audience today wants to interact and have a 2-way conversation with everyone. This is a great opportunity for everyone, a new world where the ability to influence through relevant content and conversations is what makes social media thrive in such a complex environment.

5. Why is automation needed in social media and marketing?

Automation is needed for 2 things: Optimizing process in order to make them better and faster, and the other is to help people that don’t have all the skills or knowledge. Automation is a great way to make our lives and working tasks easier, ensure we can dedicate more time to other important stuff. This is where automation really needs to keep working, making better recommendations and creating tailor-made solutions for clients.

6. Does automation platform help to increase engagement in social networks?

I believe this is basic since today, social platforms are becoming more and more robust, and there is a feeling their interconnectivity isn’t advancing as far as we may need. This is creating a lot of problems and confusion between users and automation services can provide a solution for that.

7. How do you think, what users would need in the service like that?

A service that not only automates, but also recommends actions based on their social media needs.

8. What’s unique about PublBox?

PublBox has created a unique platform of contents strategy that not only helps you with the content itself, but it also provides the capability to make users think, design and understand their social strategy.

9. At the moment there are a lot of social media marketing services on the market. Are there any specific guidelines when selecting?

Yes, more and more, we need tools that integrate and automate several stages of the social media process: content creation, publishing, amplification, and community management, etc.

10. What do most social media marketing tools lack?

Good end-to-end integration and affordable rates.

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