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How to Get More Likes on Facebook

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As one of the most popular social media platforms on the web, Facebook is not only an excellent way for people to stay in touch with family and friends: it is also an invaluable tool for business owners looking to advertise their products or service. Read on to learn more about the best strategies, tips, and suggestions to get more likes on Facebook and keep that page growing.
It is actually estimated that over 65 million businesses utilize Facebook to promote their brand and connect with potential and current clients. Two billion people use this social media site every month, so it is essential for business owners or social marketing professionals to learn how to make the most out of this potentially lucrative network. Not only is Facebook free to use, but you can also update information regularly, receive private messages and post regular content to generate interest and activity for your company.

Is it even worth it to gain more Facebook likes?

The first question you should ask yourself is: should I really worry about getting more Facebook likes? The short answer is: yes. – but there are “likes” and “likes”. You don’t want tens of thousands of bots liking your page and pumping up your numbers – that doesn’t matter at all (read on for more details about this particular topic).
On the other hand, you do want to have more likes from real people, who are likely to share your content and promote your page to their own inner circle. Social media platforms can work much like a ripple effect: You drop the initial piece of content, just like a rock in the water. After it hits the water, the rock will generate the first concentric ripple, and later, a ripple leads to another, up until each round gets larger and larger. In much the same way, you can seamlessly work towards expanding the reach of your business.

Got some money to spend?

There are many legitimate free methods to facilitate an increase in Facebook likes, but you can also consider allocating a marketing budget to grow your page and gain more likes through curated marketing campaigns. Known as a ‘paid ad platform,’ Facebook will allow you to boost the visibility of your business page by creating sponsored advertisements, geared specifically towards a targeted demographic. You can accurately track down your ideal consumers and create a Facebook Ad Campaign for your page, explicitly aimed at people you are trying to reach, down to their age group, interests or other information, such as geographical location. On average, businesses pay up to about 20 cents per like, but this figure varies depending on your product and the success of the advertisement campaign.

Use promotional material the right way

There is a large variety of promotional opportunities for the average entrepreneur, such as billboards, flyers, brochures, stickers, giveaways, event sponsorship, radio ads or tv commercials, just to mention but a few. Not only do these advertising methods get your name, brand, and mission out into the world, but it can also encourage potential clients and partners to connect with your company online. Many businesses now feature small image icons of the most popular social media platforms they use, with a ‘connect with us on’ type of text. This approach is visually striking, and it stands out a simple way to encourage people to reach out to your business online.

A picture can be worth more than a thousand words

A visually captivating and intriguing image will foster attention and can even spark more likes from new people interested in your brand. But anyone can post a stock photo and some text: it takes a very specific marketing approach to make it work properly.
First, it is arguably better to take your own images (or purchase exclusive images that only you will have access to), as creating original content surrounding your brand is a great way to improve your brand. Visual material, such as images, video, GIF or other forms of new media, is an amazing way to reach out to the audience.
In some cases, cool photos can engage people and inspire them to share your images through their own social media, thus spreading the word about your page. If you are lucky, you might even get a piece of content to go viral! Some companies have huge creative teams, enlisted with the sole purpose of creating images that would go viral on social media.

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Other businesses aren’t enemies: synergy can be fantastic to grow your own page as well

By locating similar companies on Facebook and regularly commenting and engaging with their content as your business profile (not your personal account), you will actually do a lot of a positive advertising on your brand. Make sure that your comments are polite, interesting and that you add value to the ongoing conversation, rather than shamelessly self-promoting your page.

Share on multiple platforms

According to Facebook, the average American spends one minute on Facebook and Instagram out of every 5 minutes of phone usage. It is also becoming very popular to share the same post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at once through coordinate sharing tools. These trends indicate that connecting your social media accounts with one another can help boost the popularity of each profile. Each website/app can also be used for different purposes; Instagram is for image-dominated media, Facebook for customer engagement, LinkedIn can help you build a vast network of like-minded professionals, and Twitter is useful to broaden your scope and ride the wave of trending topics.

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Share relevant and engaging posts

According to data marketers, Facebook is still one of the most important sources of traffic for businesses. In order to tap into this unique opportunity to reach out to a wide audience, you do need to create, share or post great content.
If your page is “dead” or only posts tedious marketing content, you will be more likely to lose followers than to gain new ones. People want quality content on a regular basis, which is engaging and relevant to them. Sharing daily posts can be a full-on, demanding job, but it can help you build your Facebook community in the long run. Many businesses hire full-time social media coordinators, bloggers or copywriters to make sure they never run out of quality content to schedule through the year!
It’s also critical to properly utilize hashtags: they aren’t just great for Instagram and Twitter but can work wonders for Facebook as well.
If used appropriately, hashtags can help engage people who are interested in your field. A hashtag enables other people on social media to locate content with themes and topics that are of interest to them. For example, if you are a personal fitness trainer and you post a photo of the sunrise while you are on an early morning run and you couple it with an inspirational quote from a famous author or historical figure, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize hashtags to engage with a broader scope of people. You can use keywords such as #fitness #earlyrun #inspiration #nevergiveup #sunrise #earlyriser #goodmorning #fastbetterstronger, just to name a few. Always be specific to your industry and content with your keywords to target the central demographic of your brand and business.
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Make your Facebook page look as best as possible

You can definitely attract more people with a professional and aesthetically pleasing logo, a high-quality cover photo, and a well-written bio. And you can use PublBox to create astonishing covers profile pics and other visual content.

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Is buying ‘likes’ a good idea?

Although getting an instant few thousands of likes from paid providers may seem gratifying and successful at first, it will inevitably hurt your business. Because these likes are paid likes, there is not going to be any organic growth or genuine page traffic. You might have tens of thousands of likes on your page, but there will be minimal activity on your dashboard and a low amount of interaction on your posts. There is no way to get further growth from these likes, because they are from fake accounts that will never engage with your brand after the initial like. It is also very obvious when a Facebook page has likes from blatantly fake profiles. People will notice the trick, and the fact that you are keen on hiring fake likers might deter real people from liking your page.

In conclusion

This article barely scratches the surface: there are many great ways to boost your likes, and in most cases, the success of your strategy will depend on the type of business your run. Not all of the aforementioned tips will work every time. It’s really important to understand that the type of business your run can determine the way you approach the growth of your Facebook page.

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