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Get Ready for the Festive Season

By November 29, 2017 January 9th, 2020 No Comments

During the festive season, people turn to their News Feed for gift ideas.
49% of global surveyed shoppers say that Facebook is influential in their festive season shopping. This is an opportunity to promote your business on Facebook and grow sales during the festive season.

Festive season trends 2017

Discover the key moments to reach shoppers and grow festive season sales.

  • An average of 62% of surveyed people report doing most of their festive season shopping in December and one in four make their purchases between 11-20 December.

Allocate more budget during that time period. Create a sense of urgency in your messaging for last-minute shoppers.

  • 65% of shoppers plan to keep shopping after Christmas.

Don’t spend all your budget for promotions before Christmas Day. Allocate some budget for the weeks after Christmas.

  • 46% of global surveyed shoppers say that they shop in January to take advantage of additional festive season sales.

Use special offers and make sure that you highlight your new product lines for the new year.

  • 37% of surveyed mobile-first shoppers find themselves making impulse purchases on their mobile phones and returning them later.

People keep shopping even when making returns, so don’t stop promoting your products and services after the festive season.

Mobile insights

Discover the power of mobile to reach festive season shoppers on the go and off the clock.

  • In the 2016 festive season, mobile conversions surpassed desktop globally for the first time ever, with 53% of conversions happening through a mobile device.

Make sure that your advert looks good on a mobile device by previewing your advert.

  • Nearly 40% of surveyed global shoppers agree that, when it comes to festive season shopping, their mobile device allows them to make a more informed purchase decision.

Use a call-to-action button that encourages people to make a purchase, such as Shop Now or Book Now.

Festive season campaign checklist

Build a strong foundation. The festive season is a busy time for businesses, so make sure that you address the basics before you start creating adverts.


Match your business goal with your advertising objective
Find the advertising objective that better matches your business goal. For example:

  • Get more likes, comments and shares.
  • Get more video views.
  • Get more people in store.
  • Drive more visitors to your website.
  • Get more people to take valuable actions on your website.

Start Using PublBox


Reach the right people

  • Learn more about your audience with Audience Insights
  • Determine who you want to reach during the festive season, such as people who visit your website but haven’t made purchases yet, by installing the Facebook pixel and creating a Custom Audience from your website.
  • Create a split test to test the same advert on different audiences to see which audience performs better.


Grab people’s attention

  • Find season-specific imagery and videos and include festive symbols.
  • Write copy that delivers your message, is emotionally relevant and gets people to take action.
  • Determine what resonates best with your audience by testing different images, videos or text and seeing which performs best.


Consider key metrics for success

  • Determine which metrics matter to you, based on your business goals. For example, if you want to increase website traffic, your key metric should be website clicks.
  • Find out on which device people are viewing your website, what pages they’re looking at and what actions they’re taking by implementing the Facebook pixel.

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