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Holidays Are Coming: Get Your Social Media Ready to Rock

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Social media is constantly changing and has dominated desktops and mobile devices globally. No other, single advancement has changed lives and culture as dramatically.
Make the most of the holiday season and enjoy a major revenue spike with optimized use of social media. When done right, social media can build a strong brand identity and drive sales.
Exactly how important social media during the holidays is? A lot:
With huge growth projected for the 2018 season, use every available conduit to market your business, using these tips:

1. Festive Holiday Content

Create content with festive images as a way to show customers you are in the holiday spirit and remind them it’s gift buying time. Be consistent and make sure your content and advertising are cohesive, as Social Media Design includes channel-specific banners, media covers, logos and more.

2. Deals & Exclusives

Holiday shopping is frequently synonymous with exclusive seasonal deals. Promote these deals through social media as a way to give to your followers and incentivize new followers to follow your social profiles.

3. Influencer Gifting to Boost Holiday Sales

Influencers can transform products and services from the ‘hidden gem’ category to the ‘must-have’. Their enthusiasm can turn you into a household name overnight. Influencer gifting can be a challenge. Selecting the right gift for the right influencer can be solved with a little work.
80% of holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase. And what exactly do they see online? Content. Content is the best way to convince your potential clients, and needs to be written well in order to do so. So exactly what should you be aware of? Check these tips out.

1. Avoid Cliches

“Wrap up the holidays” and “stuff your stocking with savings” has been used by every brand around. It’s time to wrap it up and say goodbye to clichés. Stuff your stockings with new catchy phrases instead.

2. Build Urgency. Now.

The holidays happen only one time a year, so create a sense of urgency in the content. Urgency moves the buyer to get out their credit card and make a purchase – now.

3. User-Generated Content

A recent survey shows that not only consumer reviews outweigh free shipping when making buying decisions, but it is also more important for shoppers than their own family and friends’ recommendations.15 Leverage user-generated content to drive increased sharing and discovery. User reviews have been a driver in decision-making for a long time and user-generated content lends credibility to the message.
When talking about holiday content, the key is early preparation. Start now and think about what your customers care about. Holiday content is your opportunity to stand out. So what kind of content can you create?

End-of-Year Update

List the best-selling products you have. Highlight the awards you have received and talk about community events and celebrate employee achievements.

Holiday Gift Guide

Content devoted to holiday gift ideas is perfect to give value to your target market while highlighting your products at the same time. With shoppers willing to spend over $600 for friends and family, one way to stay competitive is an online gift guide. Such type of content can Engage shoppers early, increase conversion by encouraging shoppers to make a selection, cater to last-minute shoppers, and improve promotional mailings.

Look Ahead

Look at future trends in your niche and highlight your plans for next year. In short: give customers something to look forward to.

Don’t Forget Lesser-Known National Holidays

Content-based activity around well-known dates is good. Using lesser know nationally known holidays is exactly the sort of things that can grant you a competitive advantage.

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