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How PublBox did Slush

By July 25, 2019 January 3rd, 2020 No Comments

It was an event even cooler than the Web Summit. Three conclusions after visiting one of the best conferences in Northern Europe.

3,100 startups and several million innovative ideas were introduced at the international technology startup conference Slush in Helsinki (Finland). Also, 21,000 participants were present. PublBox was among them all.
Slush has grown from impromptu meetings of student entrepreneurs to the brightest and highly professional conference in Northern Europe. Participants share their ideas and experiences, make deals and keep tabs on the situation in the world of technology and business. There was no way we could pass up the unique opportunity to attend such a significant event. Now we’d like to share with you our main conclusions.

1. The more you learn, the stronger you are.

Several educational projects were presented at Slush: a programming school based on the principles of the innovative French school Ecole 42, and Slush Academy – an educational program for entrepreneurs, startups and venture companies.
Knowledge crucial for the success can also be obtained at PublBox Academy.

“This year, participation in the Slush conference was super effective for us. On the first day, we actively communicated with the audience at the booth and noted a great interest in our product. We also learned some useful ideas for ourselves and agreed to cooperate and integrate with a number of companies,” Ksenia Khirvonina, Head of PublBox Social Media said sharing her impressions.

2. AI Revolution

Companies have made great strides in developing and commercializing machine learning. Among the startups present at the conference, experts noted Lifemote, which manages the Wi-Fi network for Internet providers, Signality that uses artificial intelligence to extract data from video in real-time, and Nitor, a company that specializes in digitization services. And, of course, we cannot forget the winner of the pitching competition Slush 100 – the Meeshkan company, an expert in the field of interactive machine learning.
PublBox also found a new approach to the introduction of artificial intelligence in SMM. Studying the behavior of search robots, PublBox understood their secret and proposed the idea of ​​introducing intelligent AI-based software to help users create content to fully satisfy such robots. Currently, specialists of the service are working on an innovative system that helps search robots to easily find your publications and rate them higher.

Maxim Zadontsev, Head of Sales at PublBox, noted that the “right” audience gathered at Slush. “We were able to get contacts of software resellers from around the world: South Africa, the USA, Korea, Japan, Norway… We could solve many technical issues immediately at the booth, because attending were Facebook and Microsoft who were not present at the Web Summit.”

3. Automation is a total must-have

Automation of processes (including SMM) was one of the main topics discussed at Slush in 2018. It’s time to stop seeing automation as a fashion trend: those who don’t want to be left behind and dumped in the trash bin of history should pay close attention to automatic services that make posting to social media easier.

“Slush became the cherry on top of our exhibition activities in 2018. Throughout the year, we took part in the most significant European events in the IT field: Web Summit, The Next Web, IT Arena, Social Media Week, etc. And we are very pleased to have received positive feedback everywhere – PublBox entered the short list of 160 startups at Web Summit with good reason,” said Alex Stefanovic, PublBox CEO. “We are actively working on the development of our product and will be ready to please our subscribers and partners with new products right away in the first quarter 2019.”

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