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How to Get Inspired: 5 Simple Tips

By October 1, 2017 January 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Social media professionals are human too, and they also can be exhausted. Here are the top services for generating new ideas.
A social media content manager is like a sophisticated machine, with a well-tuned text production process. He puts out huge volumes of content, which varies in emotions and subjects. But what do you do when something fails in the creative mechanism? There is no worthy idea, the rhythm of the work is lost, and you feel too lazy to press a key. It’s here that the almighty Internet and its useful services come to the rescue.
Sometimes, efficiency recuperation just lacks focus: the environment irritates, distracts and confuses. The service noisli.com helps you put aside external distractions by means of personal background sounds. There are options for both nature and technology sound effects, like a rhythmic sound of train wheels. You compile your favorite combinations from sound fragments, put on earphones, and go to your world, where there is only you and your work.

For more challenging situations, the Pomodoro technique was developed. Its main point is quite easy: mix up activity with breaks. Every 25 minutes of work is followed by a five-minute timeout, with every fourth “break” lasting 15 minutes. A big task, broken into pieces, is not so terrible; you get rid of anxiety, and the best ideas come during relaxation. It’s good enough to use a regular kitchen timer for the countdown, but it is much more convenient to enjoy a service like focusboosterapp.com, which offers reminders from any device, as well as personal statistics, which can also become a motivating factor.

Where there is a title, there will be a text. This principle was a guideline to the creators of the title generation service Portent. Enter a word, press a button, and get a catchy title. Although the service is comic, it is quite able to give a jolt to a tired brain.

Another approach is to start with illustrations. The service designspiration.net is a search engine for design ideas. The picture is already made, and it is much easier for you to tune to the right mode and write an inspiring text.
And, of course, let’s keep in mind Pinterest. Millions of its users have been creating visual collections for thousands of topics for some years now. Left alone with the task, you can always invoke the collective intelligence.

The easiest way is to use the best practices. Today, online platforms for automating social media management tasks are gaining popularity. It turns out that the creative can also be automated. For example, when creating a post, the service PublBox automatically suggests appropriate themes, a design, and a publication sample. These ideas may help you find inspiration. Furthermore, other tasks (scheduled posting or simultaneous posting on various social media) can be easily planned in one sitting, keeping options open for creating without any distractions.

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