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IGTV: Instagram is on the warpath with YouTube

By July 25, 2019 January 9th, 2020 No Comments

The social network introduced a new service IGTV for viewing the long vertical video.
At the event in San Francisco, Instagram confirmed the rapid appearance of vertical video functions lasting up to an hour. To remind you, now on Instagram you can publish videos lasting up to a minute, and in Stories – up to 15 seconds.
According to the official blog of Instagram, the user can watch the videos on the new video platform in a separate application and inside the gram.
Instagram explains the appearance of the new site by the search for a new format and the desire to meet the needs of more diverse audiences. According to company representatives, IGTV is an attempt to give consumers what they want, because almost 80% of the global traffic is generated by users viewing videos on their smartphones.
One of the strengths of the new product is a 100% orientation to mobile devices – all videos that will be uploaded to IGTV should be exclusively vertical. Vertical video, according to the developers, more natural, if it comes to the smartphones.
The service will be somewhat similar to the TV, but instead of the channels, there will be accounts in which users are subscribed to the social network. Creating your own channels and uploading the videos to the platform would be possible through the application or the site. Previously Instagram ignored desktop users and did not allow downloading content through PCs.
The application will also contain sections such as For you, Subscriptions, Popular and Continue browsing. Videos can be husked, commented and sent to friends in Direct.
IGTV channels are linked to the main Instagram account, so users do not need to create a new one. If you create a channel, it will appear in your Instagram main profile, next to History. If you watch people through their channels in IGTV, you will receive messages about new videos in the new section next to the Inbox folder.
As journalists say, the launch of a new Instagram service is a statement of being ready to rival with YouTube.
Instagram says that IGTV will not have advertising option in the beginning, but, perhaps, it will appear in the future. Owners of IGTV channels can be tied to video reports on other resources, which allows them to monetize their channels through partnerships with brands.

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