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Influencer Marketing Success

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If twenty years ago someone had told you could spend all your time playing your favorite video game and earn around $16 million per year for game reviews, you’d have probably called this person nuts. Nowadays, welcome to DanTDM. He is the one who made this dream come true for himself. He started by scoping out Minecraft on YouTube, but soon engaged with other games. He is among thousands of alike successful bloggers. Evan Fong earns approximately $15.5 million per year playing video games and posting his game reviews, according to Business Insider.

Influencer Marketing on Social Media

It seems today, people prefer to observe someone else’s life, rather than living their own. It’s another way of reality TV This is the way we can explain the dominance of social media channels and influencer marketing over traditional marketing channels, and the obsession with social networks all over the globe. With virtual reality substituting for real life, viable, active people will find this current marketing trend promising and somewhat empowering. For the general public, influencer marketing opens the door to the world of personal fitness trainers, nutritionists, stylists, life coaches, movie idols and so on. Something previously available only to those who have lots of money and spare time. For those with star-power in some field, obsessed with a hobby, or possessing an idea or philosophy to share, influencer marketing is a way to forge a fortune of millions.

However, it is not simple to calculate the real cost of influencers services. The post price depends on many factors. According to influencer.co’s influencer Rate and Engagement Report on Instagram, the influencer’s niche counts.

Travel, Entertainment, Home & Lifestyle are supposed to have the highest average sponsored post rates ($220, $210 and $204 respectively).
Engagement rates are important but not in an obvious way. Photography, Art & Design and Travel are considered to have the highest engagement rates, with Home & Lifestyle taking the last, 10th position. Higher engagement rates, though, mean a less engaged audience, in fact (broken down by separate users). It’s understandable since a million people cannot be tuned the same site; no one reaches that far. While a thousand people are likely to make a community. Influencer.co’s influencer Rate and Engagement Report claims the overall picture for the average micro-influencer on Instagram is 5.3% in engagement rate and $180 price for a sponsored post.

As stated in the Group high Influencer Marketing Report survey, an average influencer can cost $200-$500 per post.
Influencers having 100,000+ followers can earn $700-$900 per post.
500,000 followers can bring up to $3,000 per sponsored photo.

Captiv8 claims influencers with 50,000 -500,000 followers can cost $2,500 for a YouTube video, $1,000 for an Instagram photo and $400 on Twitter. Statistics from SocialBlade reveal YouTubers can earn about $2,000 and up to $100,000 per month, depending on their niche and number of subscribers.

According to the Linqia report on Influencer Marketing, 92% of marketing teams who used influencers’ strategy in 2017 considered it very effective and 39% of B2C businesses are likely to increase their budgets for influencer marketing in 2018.

How to Boost Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

With this in mind, influencers have now turned to services, offering enhanced storytelling capacities and facilitating their connections to their audience. These services include Google story builder, PublBox, and others. The PublBox platform combines tools usually scattered around several services like smart schedule options, design enhancement, statistics data recording, etc. With the growing number of influencers comes tougher competition in practically all trendy categories; it’s never too bad to have an ace up your sleeve.

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