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Instagram on Your PC! Ask Me How

By September 13, 2017 January 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Today, Instagram, a free mobile application for posting and sharing photos, is becoming more popular every day. Users are so fond of Instagram that they want to share their photos not only from mobile phones, but also from PCs or laptops. However, the application does not have this function. In this article, we will show you how to bypass the system and upload photos from any device in about two clicks.
The top tools that will prove useful to you:
• Proxy server
• BlueStacks
• Gramblr
• PublBox
• Sense of self-preservation
Important! As for the sense of self-preservation, it’s no joke at all. Instagram frequently blocks accounts because of using third-party services. The surest way to get banned on Instagram is to buy a ready-made account. What’s more, to buy two or three thousand at once, then quickly run software for cheating followers. Add some spam to the comments, and you will be banned, losing your account forever. It is better to monitor existing limits using the original source.

Proxy with care

The security policy extends beyond their site. Special attention should be paid to posting on Instagram via proxy. The easiest way is to not use it at all.
However, if you venture into it, the following tips will be helpful to you:
• Select only individual proxy servers;
• Use one software for no more than three accounts;
• If you start applying it, then make all posts only with proxy, including promotion.

The auditor does not recommend:

Another method is emulators. Of course, we advise against using them. Remember our warning if you are banned.

BlueStacks is number one

To upload a photo on Instagram using the BlueStacks emulator, just proceed as follows:
1. Visit the BlueStacks official website: www.bluestacks.com.
2. Download the application.
The app is quite easy to download: just agree with the system by clicking “Next”, and then sign up with your Google account.
3. Find Instagram using a search bar. Download and install it the same way as on a mobile device using the “Install” button.
4. Once it finishes installing, you can log in to your Instagram account using the BlueStacks interface.
5. Add the photo by dragging the file directly into the emulator window.
The emulator immediately suggests selecting an app, so opt for Instagram and share your photo.
The disadvantages of this application: it is slow and unstable on PCs, with poor specifications.

Gramblr is number two

Gramblr compares poorly with BlueStacks for several reasons. First, this service is unstable. Second, its use repeatedly results in banned accounts. Third, the service faces frequent problems with using hashtags. Fourth, Gramblr does not have any of the filters and editors so common to Instagram, therefore you cannot delete a photo or edit your account.
However, the operation scheme is very simple:
1. Visit the Gramblr official website at http://gramblr.com/uploader to download.
2. Sign up on Instagram by entering your login and password.
3. Select a photo to post. Click the “Upload” button to upload the photo.

Safe alternative

If you do not want to risk personal or customer accounts, we suggest using PublBox.
The service makes life easier not only for ordinary Instagram users, but even for companies using Instagram as part of their digital strategy. First, this is a service for comprehensive work with social media. Second, PublBox is equipped with a built-in image editor, and goes beyond the common tools like “Crop” and “Select Filter” offered by the basic Instagram version. Third, PublBox has a so-called built-in scheduler: you answer a number of questions, and the software suggests the best time for posting photos.
As for posting on Instagram using PublBox, seeing it once is better than hearing it twice.

In a few words: you draw up a post on a desktop device using the PublBox service, and publish it from your mobile device. In this way, you get rid of a painful data export from your PC to your phone. The most important thing is that posting on Instagram using PublBox is easy and legal, and therefore absolutely safe for business.
Firsthand experience: if you manage the Instagram of a brand and you have run out of inspiration at some point, feel free to rely on PublBox. The service not only facilitates working with pictures (there are graphic templates for you to just change colors and get a new photo), but will also suggest the best option for posting.

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