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New PublBox release: Features and improvements

By October 18, 2018 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

PublBox Team keeps on enhancing our platform. On Wednesday, October 10, we presented our new release, improving the usability of mobile apps and posting in general. What’s new in our new version? Learn it from this article.

Functional Graphics Editor in mobile apps (iOS и Android)

PublBox apps (iOS и Android) were fundamentally redesigned and became even more user-friendly, including we added a single screen for our “Engaging Posts” feature.

Improved quality of posted images

Now, our users can create, design, edit and publish their posts in better quality.

More engaging posts

The templates stocked in Design Editor and engaging posts shown in “Smart Calendar” are regularly completed and renewed.

New subscription plans

We arranged content for every subscription, improving the logic of suggested results for different billing plans (Just posting, Blogger, Business, Professional).
We also implemented our platform’s pricing policy for new coming users (if you are a subscriber to previous PublBox plans, so you can extend them for any period you want. Our offer for new users will be as follows:
New prise
During the update, there might be observed some failures in the operation of our service. So, we have decided to grant our paid subscribers with complimentary 10,000 posts per month.
PublBox Team would like to thank our users for their support and are happy to announce new advanced features of our platform coming in the near future.
Thank you for your business!

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