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Once You’re Short of Social Media Marketing Budget, but Want It Badly

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How to replace the whole team with one automation engine
Social media has progressed to the point of becoming a must-have tool for businesses of any size. Indeed, ignoring Facebook and Instagram stands for missed contacts and customers, and therefore lost money. Even non-profit entities need publicity, and it’s not worth missing such a promising platform to attract the audience and communicate.
Social media marketing allowance of large and established organizations may be just impracticable for small and startup businesses. For a small player, who was creating his social media footprint, there existed two ways: either to get hard knocks all alone (spending precious time), or rely on professionals (within not always generous budget and without any guarantee). Moreover, the demand for specialists is actually outgrowing supply. There exists a high probability to come across a yesterday’s student, and you’re lucky if the yesterday’s one.
Here come to help services for automating the work on social media, taking on most of the functions. The principle of successful presence on any social media is high-quality content with professionally designed images plus a well-designed posting plan, considering the interests of subscribers and the optimal timing of posting. Keep in mind diverse publications, so that the audience would stay engaged. Automation services are customized to settle these issues.
Let’s see how it works, using the example of PublBox platform.

Posting plan

An experienced social media marketer spends some 20-30 minutes on creating a weekly plan. For beginners, this time stretches out for an hour, or even more. Automatic generation of a content plan doesn’t exceed a minute. As a bonus, there are content topic guidelines and automatic publication of created posts.

Content ideas

One of the most common social media marketing problems is likely to be a so-called writer’s block, when it is necessary to write, while it’s not clear what about. To deal with this “parasite”, there is a library containing post examples for various activities with a ready-made text and graphic content.

Visual design

Design tasks are performed by a design editor. This is a simple online image editor with an extensive template collection for various topics. Instead of arguing hoarse with designers, you can get a cover, avatar or image for your post in just a few clicks.

Release from routine tasks

This is a single control center for any number of pages and groups of popular social media. They are once organized into projects, and then switching takes a few seconds, what significantly saves time.

And what’s the main – have no fear of social networks, especially when you already have most of the tasks settled in your stead.

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