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How to Promote Your Product or Service Through Influencers

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It’s not easy to stand out from the large flow of world-famous brands that have proven themselves a long time ago. You need to constantly monitor trends in the advertising world and use different types of promotion in order to stay competitive. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways at the moment. It’s such type of advertising, when brands promote their products or services on social networks with the help of influencers, or, as they also called, content creators.
In 2018, there are 3 billion active users of social networks. It’s people of absolutely different age, interests and income level. Therefore, this allows any brand to make a promo for their product through influencer marketing. According to a collective study by research firm Annalect and Twitter, 40% of consumers made purchases after seeing influencers’ review on social networks.
Influencer marketing platform Publicfast tells how to start cooperation with content creators to make a good advertising campaign that will bring the desired results.

Before running a campaign, you should answer yourself a few questions

  • What is special about my product/service and how does it differ from others?

When you tell influencers the best aspects of your product/service, you help them to make more informative and creative posts. They will understand what can hook the audience and how to attract attention to the brand.

  • What is my target audience?

The answer to this question will help you to choose the right influencers. Cooperate only with those whose target audience is similar to yours and whose interests coincide with the values of your brand. In this case, advertising posts will look organically.
In order to understand better if certain content creators are suitable for your brand promotion, review their profiles. Try to find advertising posts of products, that are similar to yours and analyze it. If posts gathered a lot of likes and comments, most likely that your product will also be relevant to the creators’ audience.

  • Do I need to modify something in my product/service before releasing it?

You should be completely convinced of the product’ quality. It is especially important if you are launching a new service. Make sure it works without errors. Creators value their reputation. They won’t risk and lie to followers, not to get trapped with negative comments.

  • What goals do I want to reach with the content creators help?

When you clearly understand your goals (increasing sales, brand awareness or clicking on the link, growing brand loyalty, or getting feedbacks), you’ll assign specific tasks to creators more accurate, and easily analyze results of your campaign after the end of it.

Don’t pick influencers only based on numerous followers

Quantity is not always a sign of quality. You should pay more attention to such indicators as the engagement and activity of the audience. The engagement rate (the ratio of likes and comments to the number of followers) of micro-influencers should be 4-8%, middle-influencers should have 2.4%, and macro-influencers — 1.7%. A large number of creators followers don’t guarantee that their promotional posts will bring good results. Firstly, everybody can boost up the number of fake followers and now it’s much easier than ever. Secondly, even if its real followers, they can simply not get into your target audience. Today the most profitable way is to cooperate with micro-influencers — creators, whose number of followers varies from 1K-10K. Their posts are no less effective than those of a celebrity but significantly differ in cost.

Give creators the freedom

You may feel that you know better how advertising posts with your products should look like. But it’s not true. Just trust creators. They have collected their own audience over several years. Therefore, they know better how to make followers interested and what content should be created. They can not only convey the value of your product but also share what emotions they get from its use. Each influencer knows his audience and communicates with them close enough. Due to this, almost everyone will want to try products that favorite bloggers use. Don’t limit the creative freedom of influencers and you will be satisfied with the result.

Choose an approach to brand promotion

There are several ways to collaborate with influencers:

  • Sponsored posts

This is the most common way to work with creators. You pay influencers for their social media posts. In this case, you write a brief in which you specify a clear task and get a guarantee that influencers will fulfill the conditions.

  • Contests/Giveaways

Such way of promotion benefits both the brand and the creator. You arrange giveaway of your product on creators’ profiles. People are very like this kind of posts and actively involved in them.Thus you get an active audience and interest in your brand.

  • Ambassadorship

One of the most reliable and profitable way to promote the brand. When you collaborate with bloggers for a long time, you can make them your brands’ ambassadors. When you choose creators that match your brands’ history, you get loyal admirers of products. And this, in turn, will increase brand loyalty.

  • Reviews

@kendalljennerWhen you use this method, you get not only an advertising but an honest review of your product or service. You just need to select creators right for your brand and send them the product or a link to the service. After that, they will be able to tell about it on their social networks. But you cannot be completely sure that creators will like your product or service very much and definitely share their opinions. For this reason, this method is not the most reliable. It’s often used by well-known and long-established brands.
The best variant is to test several approaches and figure out which one is more suitable for your products.
71% of consumers make purchases based on social network and recommendation of creators. Therefore, influencer marketing is the most effective way for brand’ promotion. Think over the campaign strategy in detail and the result won’t take long.

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