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FAQ on PublBox: All You Want to Know about Our Service, but Hesitate to Ask

By September 27, 2017 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

When and where the idea for our startup was born, how we stand out from competitors, what the feedback was of our first users and what can be expected from PublBox in the future.
Top 10 facts about PublBox:

  1. The idea of a service that would assist newcomers in successful engagement in Social Media Management was born to CEO Alexander Stefanovich in 2015, while discussing online trends with his friends.
  2. An international team of professionals from the US, Canada, Poland, Russia and Ukraine was involved in the development of the service. For their multi-country communication, they held Skype conferences. The team continues to work in this way.
  3. The PublBox service offers a full set of tools for promotion on social media: content strategy, posting schedule, scheduled posting, content navigator, design editor, analytics, activations, contests, and training modules.
  4. The Content Strategy allows users to create a posting schedule for several months in a few minutes, based on the goals of the specific user and relying on more than 2500 content strategies.
  5. The “Education” section contains 100 lessons on Social Media Management.
  6. When signing up for PublBox with their accounts, users are granted free access for two weeks, plus three training lessons.

Try PublBox for Free

  1. A month of working with PublBox costs from $7 to $24, depending on the subscription period, the set of options and the number of connected projects. The annual access will cost $4 per month.
  2. “The corporate joke is that the saying ‘Live and learn’ sounds for PublBox like: ‘Live and refine and improve service.’ This is what we are about to do.”
  3. In early 2018, we are planning to attract another round of investment, integrate several interface languages and enter international high-profile markets (Canada, the US and Great Britain), as well as strengthen promotion to target markets.
  4. Today, the PublBox service works with 8 social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki. But in the near future, there will be some new ones added.

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