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PublBox recent updates: service became more comfortable and stable

By December 14, 2017 January 2nd, 2020 No Comments

New project system

Good news for those who have several profiles on one social networking platform! Now, you can combine the required number of accounts into projects without any limits. For your convenience, you can name them according to your needs.

Welcome in December: post ideas!

Post ideas – new PublBox feature – is already available in Smart Calendar. Ready-made examples of posts for all occasions are at your disposal! You can post immediately or edit them according to your taste – it’s up to you!

Tariff Calculator

The tariff calculator allows paying only for the functions you need, without paying extra for package offers. Your plan configuration is available not just on buying, but you can add the required number of pages or managers at any moment. They will be added automatically, without contacting our Support Service…

Attention! Basic Plan is changed! (0$ forever)

PublBox changes the tariff plan system. All Basic and Trial Plan users will be automatically switched to our Free Trial Plan.
Free Trial is a free plan which has no time limits so that you can take your time to have a look at the service’s features.
Please note, our Free Trial Plan limits the number of posts (up to 2 posts weekly), as well as the number of content strategies (maximum 2 strategies), 1 “Coupon” Tab for Facebook.

Meet our Start Plan (9$/month)

It is a Plan for content creators.
If you have a small number of pages on social networking platforms, then this Plan is ideal for you!
Easily design your posts and pages, using our Design Editor with a rich collection of visual templates!
Spice up your Facebook page – use a handy tab creator for engaging content (Coupon, Group Discount, Photo Contest, Store Window).
You can use our tariff calculator to get all the required functions without extra payments.

Meet our PRO (29$/month)

It is a Plan for individual users, digital freelancers, and teams.
Create your strategies, build your team and manage a large number of pages!
Easily create high-efficient posting strategies, using our “Content Strategy” tool. You can get a personal posting plan just in few minutes, considering your activities and suggesting topics, ratios, content, and posting schedule.
It is a handy solution for managing many profiles and pages – just combine pages into projects and appoint them your administrators.
You can use our tariff calculator to add more functions.

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