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How to use RSS in Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing with RSS is guaranteed that your audience will be more focused on the posts in your blog, community or channel. But it’s not enough to know how to set up RSS feeds: we will share the secrets of working with RSS sources and keep your account from turning into a mindless social media content generator.

This story features how to use Content Integrator so that you can set up posting from RSS feeds that will balance and enrich your Social Media Strategy with the essential content.

What is RSS

As Wikipedia states, RSS, or a rich site summary, is a type of web feed which allows users and applications to access updates to blog entries, news headlines, or episodes of audio and video series.

In a word, RSS is a content library of website information, which can be syndicated only with special software (news aggregators).

For example, PublBox helps any blogger or social media expert to collect, process and provide relevant information to their users in a readable format.

How to use RSS feeds for Social Media Marketing

How to use RSS in Social Media Marketing

Using the Social Media Content Integrator is easy:

  1. pull content from 100+ RSS feeds to share the top news to increase your social media reach and keep your fans engaged;
  2. use flexible settings to configure auto posting from RSS feeds and stay in touch with your audience wherever you are;
  3. set up the desired content mix from your favorite sources then publish to each social network from one smart platform.
However, a small warning from us to you. Avoid overusing using RSS content automation. When you set up social network cross-posting and there is no room for a single comment all the while your RSS auto-posting is configured to the hilt – just take a breath, chill out and have mercy on your audience.

The primary mission of the PublBox RSS Auto Poster is to diversify your content palette. But if you “go too far”, you run the risk of losing credibility with your most loyal and devoted audience. Your people will stop thinking of you as a valuable source of knowledge and start to see your feed as a robotic news aggregator, then they immediately unfollow you. So tread lightly. Automation is great, but don’t take it too far.

So, RSS feeds can help realise your content strategy in the following ways:

  • you have some gaps in your content plan and nothing to fill them;
  • you need to make your content fresh and diverse;
  • you don’t have time to create new content and need it right now;
  • you just started managing an account and want to test the response/engagement of your audience. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to conduct tests when creating new content.

What if the interests of your audiences differ? What if you are a social media specialist who manages dozens of different blogs and channels? Stop fixing thousands of tabs, managing dozens of tables and worrying about missing your next post while you’re at a business meeting. Just set up RSS feeds with PublBox to stay relaxed and in control of your business while your followers receive their favorite stories on the right social network and at the right time.

How to set up RSS with PublBox?

Here are the super simple steps to set up RSS feeds with PublBox!

  1. Log in to your PublBox account.
  2. Opt for RSS Integrator from the side menu and click on Add / Delete feed.

Add or delete RSS feed with Social Media Content Integrator

  1. Find RSS feed on your favorite website (select publbox.com), usually by clicking on the RSS icon.

Find RSS feed on your favorite website

  1. Then copy the URL of the page.

How to find url for rss

    1. Paste the copied URL into the special field of the PublBox RSS Integrator and click on “Add.

PublBox RSS Integrator

  1. Close the window when the RSS feed appears in the list.

How to make a list of RSS feeds

So, in just 2 minutes you have hundreds or even thousands of top news, expert reviews, themed articles or whatever content you prefer. And you didn’t need to spend a minute writing them, but you get all the rewards of engagement, outreach and conversion.

Get any new content from RSS feeds

Now, how to hit the jackpot of engagement and reach? Thanks to the flexible settings of the PublBox social media marketing automation suite, you can easily create a post and publish it on all your social networks in just a few clicks. This is all you need to do:

  • click on any news item to repost, and then press the “Create Post” button;

Create new posts with content from RSS feeds

  • Select the desired social networks in the Create Post menu and click on “Post Now.

The Social media cross-posting with RSS Integrator is also easy. To set up auto-posting from RSS feeds follow these simple steps:

    • Choose the “Auto-posting” tab in the RSS Integrator and click the “Set up auto-posting” button.

Automatically publish new content from RSS feeds

    • Fill in the popup form that appears with RSS auto-posting parameters.
      • enter the RSS feed link of the website you want to repost from;
      • choose how often the system will pull posts and news – from every hour to every 24 hours;
      • choose the number of posts per day that you want to post – from 1 to infinity: PublBox will publish any number of posts immediately;
      • set up posting interval – from 10 minutes to 4 hours;
      • indicate the number of posts published at once – from 1 to infinity;
      • choose the posting days;
      • click on the social media accounts you want to auto-post.

set up auto posting to social media from RSS feeds

  • Press the “Set up auto posting” button.

How to set up an RSS feed if there is no special icon on the website?

The most common problem with setting up an RSS feed is that you can’t find any RSS icon on the selected blog or news website. Fear not, this does not mean that there is no RSS feed. To find and add RSS link of your favorite site to repost its content to your social media channel or blog, do the following:

  • for WordPress sites the RSS feed is obtained by adding “/feed/” after the site URL;
  • for Joomla sites you need to add “/index.php?format=feed&type=rss;
  • for DLE sites it’s enough to add “/xml.rss;

Or try opening the HTML-source code of a web page and use the hot keys Ctrl+F to search:

  • enter “Feed” or “RSS;
  • one of the highlighted search results may be the URL you need.

Important! The overwhelming majority of blogs are hosted on WordPress, so start your search with this algorithm.

Now that you’ve figured out how RSS auto-posting works, start generating appropriate third-party content and publish it on each of the popular social media from anywhere in the world.

You can’t guarantee whether your social media specialist will be at work today or when the content creation Muse will come. But you can make 100% sure that the Social Media Content Integrator will supply you with content for months or even years ahead.

Post smarter!

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