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Top 5 Facebook Groups for Every Marketer

By July 25, 2019 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

Professionals require self-improvement and learning new standards to be aware of modern trends. For centuries, people gathered in one place to share their ideas and to trade secrets. In the 21st century, this is done as easily as pressing a button. If you are eager to discuss industry-related topics and avoid a trip to some business forum, you can find a golden mine in social networks. It can be a personal blog, a social group or a randomly forwarded article from a friend; the only important thing is content.

This article covers social media groups worthwhile for every marketer or PR specialist. In this industry, if for some reason you decide to be ignorant and don’t learn at least one new thing a week, you become a dinosaur. Groups are perfect for keeping the stone age at bay. They are the places you can get help, learn and share ideas.

According to the Social Media Examiner 2017 report, the most important social network (for 62% of marketers) is considered to be Facebook. It isn’t surprising Facebook has made groups a powerful tool for any marketer.

Top 5 groups to join on Facebook if you’re into marketing, PR or SEO

Digital Marketing Questions

Created by Ryan Stewart, this group was initially designed for sharing content from his website, Webris.org. Eventually, the group started growing, and this summer it consists of almost 13 thns. members from all over the world. The group is run by a community of people with experience in SEO, digital marketing, etc.

Members are active and are not shy about discussing or helping with various marketing related issues. Besides being a good community, the Digital Marketing Questions group is constantly under moderation and supervision, hence no spam or unrelated topics.

Digital Marketing Belgium (DMB)

DMB is considered to be the largest digital marketing community originating in Belgium.

Its founders idea was simple: to unite all professionals within the industry.

As of today, the group has 4,5 thns. members. If you want to learn, discus digital marketing news, and networking, you are in the right place.

P.S. Speaking Belgian is not required.

Traffic and Copy

This group targets professional marketers with its focus on digital marketing via social media growth hacking, free consultation giveaways, increasing your landing page conversion and so on. You find feedback for every idea posted, and it is not surprising with 11 thns. members.

This group is also moderated. Don’t steal ideas or promote something, and you are welcome.

Digital Marketing Hub

This group is different from the others. It offers content and networking features in one package.

If you are hiring, you can find your future marketing team here. If you’re a digital marketer, there is a lot of useful information on strategies, products and the community to help you.

Copy Content

The group is closed, and you need to answer specific questions during your «application» to get in.

It is for professional marketers. Here, you can find ideas for a new brand, promotion strategies, digital marketing, and other marketing topics.

There are hundreds of marketing-related groups on social networks. Choosing “the best” feels like a task for a sophisticated research team. These 5 groups are not the end of the list. Keep in mind the member count in the group or its exclusiveness are not the most important criteria. Member activity and content represent real values.

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