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Web Summit 2017: A summary of the main event of the year

By December 22, 2017 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

PublBox attended Web Summit and brought back from Lisbon a few important trends, which every social media marketer should understand and take into account if they want to be successful in 2018.

Users are waiting for content providers who they can trust.

This demand gets bigger and bigger with each day of content. For one person to find the most interesting and important content without drowning in gigabytes of information, is practically unrealistic. Because of this, the role of opinion leaders whose choices and suggestions can be trusted is growing and will continue to grow. And such authorities in social networks don’t have to only be people, they can also be companies and brands who have sufficient expertise and the desire to bring “clever, kind, frequent” interesting, useful, and cool content to social network users. Whether you or your company becomes an authority like this – depends on you.
People want to get tips and recommendations unobtrusively. Keyword – UNOBTRUSIVELY. This is why themed playlists, film collections worth watching, from famous media and bloggers, are used with such a wild popularity. In addition to this, people frantically search TripAdvisor, picking places for holidays, carefully reading reviews on Maps.Me when they want to find a great restaurant not too far from them, asking friends and associates on social media for contacts of good doctors and certified plumbers. In 2018 your mission No.1 – not just to entertain your subscribers with cool pictures and memes, but to become their main source of useful and interesting information which they can trust. Just remember: a reputation takes years to build, but can be ruined in minutes.

Learn how to tell stories

People have grown tired of obtrusive commercials and have got themselves a very useful habit, which has become a nightmare to many marketers – “banner blindness,” when the consumer just doesn’t pay any attention to commercials, has transferred to social media as well. And here the situation for lovers of “in your face commercials” gets even more aggravating: now the user can not only ignore the commercial notification, but report it as well. This in turn, will lead to less delivery of that notification and a higher cost of contacts for the advertiser, which the creators of social networks really don’t like, as it means their users are unhappy with something.  And even more so, that something is advertising.

Past, present, future: In conversation with R/GA

R/GA's Bob Greenberg & Nick Law with Inc. Magazine's Eric Schurenberg:R/GA is one of the truly iconic brands in advertising. In a unique session, founder, chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg together with chief content officer Nick Law discuss R/GA's legacy and what the future holds.

Posted by Web Summit on Monday, November 27, 2017

Because of this, learn to tell stories. The stories themselves, as well as the form they are presented in, and their tone, and their visual accompaniment must be different for different social networks. Something that is good for Facebook, may be absolutely unacceptable for Twitter, whereas a successful post on Instagram may cause bewilderment and sarcastic comments on LinkedIn.

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Automate or you will lose

At Web Summit, they talked a lot about automation and about how to effectively use new technologies to transform marketing strategies. The new generation prefers to speak less and less with sellers and more often pick it out themselves – based on information on the Internet, coming in from all possible devices. Forbes highlighted the top 7 trends:

  1. From the uninformed seller-led buyer – to the informed buyer led by marketing.
  2. From a mass of obtrusive marketing – to more personalisation and giving customers a choice.
  3. From offline and individual channels – to integrated communications built around the convenience of the user on the run, that is on their phone.
  4. From manual labour and uncoordinated systems – to automating and a single set of data.
  5. From a one-time scale measurement and last usage – to constant measurement of results and the effect of all channels.
  6. From separate hierarchical organizations – to integrated flexible structures.
  7. From the creative – to the technical and analytic.

A separate trend which will absolutely develop in 2018 – automation of Social Media Marketing (SMM). These services, such as PublBox, which allow many routine questions to be automated and to save time using scheduled posting, make a Content Strategy and design quality content, will become irreplaceable helpers like professional social media marketers, as are regular users.

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PublBox at Web Summit

This year, for the second time already, the PublBox team participated in the largest event in the IT world – Web Summit, held in Lisbon. How representative this forum is, decide for yourself: 7 years ago, it had 400 participants. Now – 60,000.
For startups, it is a unique chance to show themselves, to tell the world about their product and find potential investors, although they cannot rely on the latter. If you would like to participate in Web Summit with your own stand, be ready to present the complete information about your company and go through the selection process of the organizers of the conference. There are a few different types of stands for startups: ALPHA (companies on the edge of launching), BETA (for startups which are already present on the scene, and have a certain income), and START (companies with a good and steadily growing revenue).
Considering the stage of development of the project, PublBox was presented in the BETA section. This year, the company was represented by the CEO, CMO, and PR-manager.

Preparation for the event begins a long time before it. Booklets, business cards, T-shirts and other souvenir merchandise – all of this is better to develop and prepare ahead of time, in order to avoid force majeure. Aside from the appearance and entourage, do not forget about the content: all employees must easily speak English and have all the information about the product, and the so-called ”party policy.”  Understand in the Web Summit application: before arrival, send requests for meetings, create a schedule of speeches which you don’t want to miss, etc.” – says our PR-manager Ksenia.

Aside from their work at the stand, the representatives of PublBox also held negotiations with other companies and investors. The results of these arrangements will soon be made apparent.
PublBox – is an international project, the employees of which are located in different countries across the world (America, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain). The company is planning to expand its presence in global markets as well as local European markets. Today, our product has 6 localizations: EN, RU, UA, PL, ES, FR and DE.

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