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What to Post When You’re out of Ideas: 10 Ways to Stock up on Content for Social Media

By January 1, 2020 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

With the help of good content, you can attract new customers, increase sales and improve your brand image. Here are 10 ideas that will help you stock up on content for your blog for a whole year.
You need to create good content that people would read, like, comment, and send to their friends. It must be useful so people would come back to your blog looking for ideas and inspiration.
And even if you are an extremely creative person, a writer’s block can quietly sneak up on you, especially if your work is related to blogging. That’s why we created a list of ideas that will help you stock up on content and increase the number of subscribers.

1. Q&A services

Use different services to look for ideas. Read thematic forums, join Facebook groups or read Q&A services such as Quora if you want to find out what your audience is looking for. After you have studied the topic, write an article or a post in which you answer some popular questions.
Quora and other services

2. Learn more about your audience

You must have already created your buyer personas, so it’s time to learn more about them. Try to find your perfect personas in your group on Facebook, follow them, see what they like, share, and comment. Your task is to provide valuable information to your subscribers and to publish posts that are carefully tailored to what your audience wants to see.

3. Interview

Conduct an interview with influencers who have succeeded in your industry. Ask them to share their experiences and insights about their work and life. You can create any type of content – publish an article, add a video or create a livestream. Tag influencers and your post will get a higher reach.

Interview - post4. Survey

A survey can help you find out what kind of content your audience likes. Think of the main rules:

  • don’t ask too many questions and write down how much time the survey will take
  • try not to add open-ended questions
  • promise a bonus to your subscribers if they fill out your survey

Create a poll on social media. For example, ask your audience what kind of books they have read recently, nonfiction or fiction. Questions like this entertain and interact with followers.

A lot of ideas of catching polls and surveys along with other types of content that provokes likes, shares and comments can be found on PublBox in the section “Engaging posts”.

Take a look!

5. Make a video from a good post

Make a video from your most successful post on social media. Nowadays video is the most popular format so it’s time to include it to your content-plan. For instance, Moz publishes a video every Friday on the topics they covered in their articles.

You may record and edit these videos by yourself or with the help of Videoscribe or Animoto. If you don’t want to waste time on it – sign up in Fiverr. There, you can hire a specialist who will quickly make a good video at a low price. For example, Whiteboard animation in HD costs only 5 dollars per 50 words.

6. User-generated Content

83% of people say they trust recommendations from their friends when it comes to choosing goods. That’s why user-generated content campaigns are so successful.

For example, American Aerie launched the AerieREAL campaign. People had to post their real photos and tag them with #AerieREAL hashtag. The company transferred $1 to charity for each publication with a hashtag.
Try always to include user-generated content in your content plan. It’s profitable for a company as they get tons of free content, and for users who receive prizes – discounts and recognition.

7. Infographics

People like infographics because they can easily explain complicated information. Posts with infographics often get a high reach, and lots of likes and reactions. It’s also good for SEO – write to popular blogs and ask them to share articles with a link to the source.


Quotes work well for any social media network. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to look for the quotes in Google images and share them on Facebook. Try to be more creative and make the images with quotes yourself. Keep with the style of your brand so it would fit your page on Facebook or Instagram.
There are many tools to create awesome images. You can try using Crello. It’s a free graphic editor with ready-made templates, photos, and Cyrillic fonts. There, you can choose professionally designed templates for posts, quotes, and ads.

9. Competition

The competition will help you to attract new subscribers, gain enormous coverage, and it’s very easy to organize. Think about an interesting task and give something valuable to the winner. It can be a free subscription, your product or a gift card.
For example, Infinity recently launched the contest #Q30Challenges. To participate, you had to download the application of augmented reality and take a snapshot of the virtual Infinity Q30 on an unusual background. The winner received a trip to Florence, and Infinity got a great ad and a huge amount of user-generated content.

10. Look for popular content

Study topics and hashtags that are gaining popularity on social networks. This will help you create “hot” content that will be discussed on social media networks. Use Buzzsumo to find out what topics are trending right now. Go to the site, add several keywords to the search bar and you’ll see the most popular content for the week, month or a year.

Bonus. Practical solution at hand

The effectiveness of your social media effort depends on a strong content strategy. Before, only the professional, experienced teams could create everything that goes into a content strategy – goals, frequency, categories, formats. Now anyone can handle the task with the help of our easy-to-use tool: Content Strategy.
With help from some of the world’s most experienced social media marketing strategists, we developed a tool that automatically creates highly effective content plans from more than 2000 possible configurations – all tied to your occupation and long-term goals.
Enter your occupation, choose desired frequency of publications, prioritize your goals and Content Strategy will provide you with:

  1. Post schedule with a frequency that you define – from 3 to 20 posts per week.
  2. Most effective combination of content categories and topics to fit your goals, whether it’s increasing sales, building loyalty, increasing knowledge and brand awareness, or growing engagement.
  3. Posts samples in each category so you have something to expand on when writing your own text.
  4. Design templates for your posts which are automatically suggested by Design Editor.
  5. Scheduled posts arranged for the most ideal day and time.

Create Content Strategy via PublBox

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