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Breaking news! The latest PublBox update: changed plans & pricing, Google+ and Facebook groups, Analytics and much more

By February 28, 2018 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

The PublBox team never stops working on improving the service for our customers.

New plans & pricing

New packages in PublBox have been compiled taking into account the needs and wishes of our users. Now the Start+ package ($9/month) includes all the features of the service, basic analytics, but limited in number of posts (100 per month), which is an optimal number for business, bloggers, NGOs and other users. The PRO+ package ($29/month) includes all the functionality of PublBox, 4000 posts per month, as well as full analytics. The new Enterprise package was created specifically for companies and legal entities that wish to pay with bank transfer, as well as receive all accompanying documents: invoice, contract and billing. This package is assigned to a legal entity (price – $499/year). You can try all PublBox tools with the free Trial package, which includes all the functions of the service.The package is available within 7 days after registration and includes the opportunity to publish 10 posts. For those who purchased START and PRO packages at old rates, the price will remain the same upon subscription cancellation.

Updated registration and posting on Google+

It’s never been easier to create an account. We’ve reduced the number of steps and added the ability to sign up with a Google+ account. Also we’ve added a function of posting to Google+.

Posting in a group

Finally, it’s here, the long-awaited functionality for Facebook group owners! Now with the help of PublBox you can carry out cross- and scheduled posting not only on pages, but also in groups of a popular social network.

Functional Design Editor in mobile applications (iOS and Android)

Great news – in the latest update of the PublBox app (iOS and Android) we’ve added the Design Editor feature. Now you can edit pictures, texts and visual elements and publish your photos to all social networks with one application! Unlike the competition, PublBox application is one of the most functional on the market. Application have unique and powerful tools as ready-made Engaging Posts, Social Media Academy, Smart Calendar, which allows you to publish post to all social networks at once, schedule posting and set up reminder in the content plan.

Analytics 2.0

The new version of the “Reports” section is already available to users. Analyze the effectiveness of your publications without leaving the platform. With the PRO+ plan, you will receive full analysis of all your publications on social networks. In the Start+ package, will be only displayed the basic statistics for publications made with the PublBox service.

Posting on Telegram (beta)

Good news for those who have a Telegram-channel. Now you can plan your posts in your favorite instant messenger. To connect, you need to enter a link to the channel and its bot-administrator.

New engaging posts

Our professional designers and copywriters relentlessly work to fill out our template library in Design Editor, as well as on ready-made engaging posts that can be found in the “Smart Calendar” section. Only a couple of clicks separates you from hundreds of likes, shares and comments!

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