Use all the features and opportunities that Facebook provides!

PublBox complements the functionality of the most popular social network in the world.

Make your subscribers admire your professional design and layout

A convenient Graphics Designer with pre-installed templates will create any design element (covers, avatars, pictures for posts) like a Pro!

Just choose the right theme and change the text. But what’s more, if you’re a perfectionist, then you have the ability to modify every single element – create your own unique page look!

Social Media Graphics Designer
autoposting and scheduled posting on Facebook

Publish in the most efficient way

PublBox offers a publication plan that executes itself automatically!

Use the built-in Post Scheduler and create posts directly in the service.

When the time comes, they will go to the Facebook auto posting queue.

Create content and choose the time, and PublBox will deliver it to your subscribers right on time.

Get the best ideas for your content

The Content Wizard will analyze the subject of your blog and the need for publications, and then offer a personalized content plan for the period you need.

It will provide immediate suggestions of topics for publications (of course, you can schedule posts on Facebook here too).

And if you’re in the mood to post something cool, but don’t have any fresh ideas, just have a look at the collection of post designs. You’ll for sure find an idea worth a million likes!

how to use social media scheduler for planning and posting
how to collaborate with your team and assign people to projects

Work together

PublBox’s teamwork tools are here for you.

Invite people and designate them as user for your social accounts, and they will have access to all the available features, including scheduling Facebook posts.