How to Post to Instagram from PC or Mac

1. Get the PublBox mobile app installed on your device:  iOS.

2. Create a post in the desktop version or in the PublBox mobile application and click “Post Now” or “Schedule”.

3. Use PublBox mobile app on your mobile device for publishing your post on Instagram.

4. You will receive a push notification on your device with the PublBox mobile app installed at the scheduled time.

5. Click on it to approve the publication in the pop-up window.

6. Then, choose the placement: Stories or Feed.

​7. Edit the image if necessary.

8. Paste the text from the clipboard into the “Caption” field, holding the cursor for a few seconds.

9. You can switch between your Instagram accounts while creating the post on Instagram.

​10. Done! Your post is successfully published!
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Important Note

  • Please note: you can switch between accounts while creating a post on Instagram.
  • You can select one or more accounts to publish to.
  • Before publishing, please make sure you are logged in to the right account as PublBox will auto-publish your post from the account you’re logged in.