Professional promotion in the network of professionals!

LinkedIn in conjunction with PublBox is faster, more convenient, and more efficient.

Publish more often

A high regularity of publications on a company account promotes a higher audience confidence.

Use this fact as a tool! The publication calendar is not just a convenient planning tool.

It is the easiest way to send your content to scheduled LinkedIn updates.

Visually differentiate

No need to spend money on a full-time designer!

Use the PublBox Graphics Designer!

Hundreds of theme templates for any day that you can fully edit and customize whatever you want.

Prominent content plan in seconds

Drawing up a publication plan is an art, you have to achieve a balance between the attention of readers and the delivery of your proposal.

Now you can safely give this task to the Content Wizard algorithm made by PublBox!

Answer a few questions about the direction and objectives of the proposal and get a personalized schedule with content suggestions right away.

Limitless promotion!

PublBox supports simultaneous LinkedIn scheduled posting and other popular social networks; for example, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Choose the channels you need and talk to your entire audience!

Keep your finger on the pulse

Easy to use performance indicators are available at any time!

Use the results to improve your connection to your audience