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PublBox Roadmap

We've made our product roadmap public for you to track our improvements, integrations and other developments. We are really excited to share this with all of you, and we look forward to continually improving PublBox to better satisfy your needs.
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Discover Influencers

Content Discovery

Updated team management

Search Relevant content using keywords

Add FB competitors to reports

Facebook Audience Restrictions

Public API

Drag&drop in Post Scheduler

Promote Tweets via PublBox


Add new photo editor to web-version

Google Chrome extension

Boost FB post in iOS and/or Android app

Boost LinkedIn post

LinkedIn comments in Social Inbox

LinkedIn messages in Social Inbox

Twitter comments in Social Inbox

Page mentions in Social Inbox

Pinterest integration

Tag a post by category

Instagram-powered shopping page

Update analytics

Tablet iOS/Android app optimisation

WordPress integration

FB messenger integration

Create a post with tags on Facebook

Create a post with tags on Twitter

Create a post with hashtags on Instagram

Viber integration

Select a cover photo for Instagram videos


Draft post


Increase video size for posting up to 1GB

Facebook messages in Social Inbox

Link Personal Facebook Profile

Export Analytics reports

Post directly to Instagram

Update YouTube publishing

IGTV integration

Integration with Zapier

Integration with IFTTT

Social Media Coach update

WeChat integration



Social Inbox (Facebook comments only)

Customize post

Pixabay integration

Instagram comments in Social Inbox

Gif/Video engagement posts

Update design web application

Unsplash integration

Tumblr integration

Giphy integration

Instagram business page

Photoeditorsdk in iOS and Android app

LinkedIn company page

RSS in Web application

RSS in iOS and Android app

Added ready-made posts (for iOS and Android App)

Added ready-made posts

Repeat post in web application

Delete published post from dashboard

Post Emojis

Update Twitter post size to 280 characters

Add location to Post (available for Twitter and Facebook)

Repeat post in iOS&Android apps

Google My Business integration

Boost Facebook post