What Goals Can I Reach With Social Media?

We help you better understand your audience, nurture and delight it to win Social Media Marketing game with data-driven approach!

With Free Social Media Analytics tool you’ll have all the data on all your pages performance in one dashboard.

With real-time tracking, you’ll know exactly which posts across which social media platform gained the highest engagement within your community. Thus, you could adjust your strategy on a fly.

You’ll know for sure what content to add, or when you need to shift gears.

which posts across which social media platforms gain the highest engagement
how to track post performance across major social networks

Track your social media community growth

Unearth the insights needed to make smart and data-driven social marketing decisions and maximize your community engagement.

  • Which posts get the most views?
  • Which posts drive better engagement and get the most likes, shares and comments?

Social Media Analytics feature tracks your post performance across major social networks.

Discover the most insightful social media content, the best performing days of the week and time. And never miss an opportunity to engage again.

Focus Your Social Media Investment

Maximize your business results with data-driven social media analytics.

Social media monitoring is an absolute must if you need to laser focus your investment.

Set the time frame for the social media activities you want to get analyzed – today, yesterday, the past week, the current month, or last month. You can even specify a custom time frame.

Jumpstart your powerful social marketing strategy and start seeing results like these in your analytics reports.

how to maximize business results with data-driven social media analytics
how to get better social media results by using Social Media Analytics tool

Step Up Your Social Media Analytics

Get better social media results by using data. Social Media Analytics tool gives you actionable insights how to keep your current social media campaigns strong, and to effectively plan data-driven future campaigns.

With PublBox you’ll have all the stats right in front of you. Just choose the date range you need and check the data. Measure engagement, discover the best time to post, re-use your top posts.

You can analyze your social media conversions on your own or export all your social media analytics data to a file to share insights with your team.

Evaluate your social media performance and see how Social Media Analytics keeps you ahead of the game.

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