Effortlessly manage your social messages with Social Inbox:

  • receive messages from subscribers, customers and followers
  • reply instantly to the comments on multiple social media accounts
  • customize the view of comments and messages for each project

The PublBox interface and navigation are easy to use, look great and make communicating with your audience a sheer pleasure.

what is social media inbox
One tool for all communications on social media

Manage comments on all your social media

Social Inbox already serves Facebook and Instagram business pages and, well, is just plain awesome!

But there is always room for more awesome, so we are planning even more functionalities:

  • to collect and send messages via Facebook Messenger
  • to manage comments on  other social networks
  • to manage communications in other instant messengers
  • to widen the “mix” of reactions to messages
  • to send one message to multiple people and set up automatic answering

PublBox mission is to be No. 1 platform for customer communications across all social media.

Win customers over with creative and personalized responses

Keep regular social media communications with your customers and followers:

  • Apply filters to sort and focus messages on multiple social media accounts within your project.
  • Open tree view that highlights the thread of comments and customer interaction history under a social media post.
  • Choose the tone of voice of your messages and react to the comments.
  • Delete the hardball comments of bots.
  • Break in a fierce discussion under a social media post right from the Social Inbox.

Social media is a great customer service channel if you win customers over with creative and personalized responses. And you can using Social Inbox.

social media marketing tool that helps you to communicate effectively with customers
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