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Social Media Management Platform Updates

By July 25, 2019 No Comments

The latest updates and improvements allowed to optimize PublBox Social Media Management Platform and increase application performance by 64%.
Spring 2019 began with a major update of our service. In the new PublBox-release, our users have access to improved and extended functionality to manage posting on social networks most effectively.
So, what have we done?

PublBox Increased Social Media Management Platform performance by 64%

The implementation of OpCache allowed increasing application performance by more than 1.5x.This was made possible by caching bytecode and increasing the number of requests processed per second.

Added posting to Business Pages on LinkedIn

Now PublBox users can schedule publications both on personal and business pages on LinkedIn. PublBox supports upload of up to 5 images per post. This is especially important for B2B companies, for which LinkedIn has become the number one social network and helps to interact with business audiences. This is proved by the increased numbers:
Smart Insights along with Clutch conducted a survey among business representatives, in which they asked which social networks were of the greatest value to them. We discovered that B2C companies regard Facebook the most efficient (96% of respondents), while most B2B companies prefer LinkedIn (93%).

Improved Interface

A redesign of several sections was carried out with the addition of new functionality, which made the creation of posts and the planning of publications even more convenient and intuitive.

New Fresh Content in Social Media Library

PublBox’s Social Media Library with over 10,000 unique ready-made engaging post templates is available to every registered user.

You Can Use Your email to Sign Up for

Now you can use your email to sign up for PublBox service and not only Facebook accounts. Please note that due to the shutdown of Google+ its “Sign Up” button was replaced with Google Sign In.

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