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Fondateur de PublBox

Alex Stefanovic

Founder & CEO

Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, and investor with over 18 years of extensive experience. Alex brings a strong record collaboration with global brands, including BMW, Red Bull, Mini Cooper, Unilever, Western Union, Avon, and many others.

CMO PublBox

Natalia Protsenko


20+ years of experience as a senior executive with an expertise in corporate strategy, international marketing, and sales. She holds a degree from Stanford University.

Adam Miziołek

EU Market Manager

13+ years of experience in all aspects of fin-techs, digital sales/marketing and product/process management. Previously in charge of digital sales and development in biggest CEE bank PKO BP.

Christian Allner

EU Market Consultant, DPO

7+ years of experience in digital
communications and marketing.
Founder of business-consulting
agency Schrift Architekt.de

Alex Druzenko


HR expert with experience from investments banking, government, education, and Tech industries in USA and Ukraine. 8+ years in HR including 2 years as HR Director. Passed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.